DNA & Other things

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d update a little.

Dear old John M. & Sarah had 7 children together, and Sarah had 2 surviving children from her first marriage. That’s 9 children to follow.

We have Y-DNA samples from two of John Anderson Williamson’s male descendants and auDNA samples from 4 of his descendants.
We have an auDNA sample from Amanda’s line.

We have an auDNA sample from Alice’s line.


I have been in touch with cousins from the following lines, and hope to eventually convince some of them (you) to test autosomal DNA with Ancestry.
2 more folks on Amanda’s line

1 from Arminta’s line

3 from Florence’s line

Several now from James H.’s line. mostly through his son Tom, but 2 now through Eugenia who married James Wray.

So, if you’re reading this, and you know you’re a cousin.. please consider testing. I recommend testing first with Ancestry.com. You can download the raw data from them and upload it for free to Gedmatch.com and also upload to ftdna.com for $39 (or free if your patient enough)
If you need help with that, get in touch with me.

So, what has DNA done for my research? So far it seems to have confirmed the McCurdy connection (see earlier posts) but still has not led to a paper trail.
It has helped me with some other lines though.

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