More on DNA tracing

It’s been a while since I’ve updated anything, mostly because it’s been a while since we’ve had any new information to share.

Genetically, it’s no longer a question of us knowing the McCurdy family is connected.  Through autosomal DNA we have connections that fit tidily with at least 4 of the children of Elijah McCurdy and Ann Harris. We still cannot distinguish which daughter we (the descendants of John McCurdy Williamson) are descended from however. ‘Harriet’ could still be Sarahtee H.C. or Rebecca H. so the search continues.
We also have at least one match descended from Ann’s brother Thomas Harris, and, when I find it again, one to a sibling or uncle of Elijah McCurdy (I forget which just now).
That seems to confirm we’ve pinpointed the right family since we can match the families of both parents. 

This still does not tell us who the heck John Williamson was. We know, according to Ann Harris McCurdy’s will that both Sarahtee and Rebecca had the last name of Williamson at the time, we know that according to Aunt Violet’s Bible John M’s father was John Williamson, his mother was Harriet McCurdy. Those two folks seem to have vanished into the ether however.

As usual, I start writing, start looking for supporting material, and fall into the rabbit-hole.. these few paragraphs were started several hours ago, and I’ve been chasing threads ever since. 
The public tree is here:  and is as up to date as I can make it for now.


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