I have not been able to pinpoint this one yet, but there are a lot of DNA matches for our little clan the connect to a Shrader line, specifically back to Daniel Shrader b. 1765 and his wife Patsey Rowsey b. 1770, both in Amherst , Virginia it seems.
I can find distant matches leading back to both sides of that marriage, so they are the common thread and those of us descended from John McCurdy Williamson and Sarah Fox are descended from Daniel and Patsey as well I think, I just don’t know if they are on the Williamson side or Fox side yet.
I think there may be a bit of an issue there because it is possible we are double related to the Fox family. The more I dig the more I think that is likely.
John M’s mother was most certainly one of the two daughters of Elijah McCurdy and Ann Harris. Elijah McCurdy’s mother was a Fox. but listed as from Pennsylvania, so maybe related to our Carolina Foxes, maybe not. We do know the McCurdy’s went from PA to South Carolina, so it’s plausible that so did the Fox’s.
Where do the Shraders come in? Well, I can put some of them in Warren County, TN, and surrounding areas, in the 1820’s and onward, which is where Elijah Fox was in 1820’s/1830’s.
I have traced lines for 3 of Daniel and Patsey’s children, I have 11 dna matches through their daughter Elizabeth, 9 more through their son Daniel and 1 who appears to be descended from (on paper) a George Shrader who may have been Daniel’s son by a woman other than Patsey, this one is unconfirmed and the match is only at 7cM which is far lower than I normally work with.
I have an additional 14 matches downline from Daniel’s sister Anna who married a Hager.
There are also a handful more matches descended from 2 of Patsey’s siblings as well. which confirms for me that Daniel and Patsey are the marriage that I was looking for there, since I can match both sides of that particular union.
Some of us have been looking for these answers for decades now.. so I am in the process of chasing every line descended from those two that I can trace, in hopes of finding what we need to identify Sarah Fox’s family (I think that’s where this ends up).

16 January 2020