John McCurdy Williamson’s Will

I’ve had a copy of the will for a while, but had never noticed the division of property until this morning.
(Odd grammar and misspellings are the writer’s, not mine)
“First i give and bequeath to my beloved Wife Sarah Williamson all my personal property also all of my real estate her natheral life and at her death the reamder thereof I give and devise to my said children as follows.
To my son John and Elija 6/7 six sevenths of all real estate
To my daughter Arminta 1/7 one seventh of all real estate and their heirs respectively to be devided as above stated out of the above real estate.”

Why were the other children left out? At first I thought it was the youngest children, but no, Alice was younger than Arminta.. so I don’t know. She was not single and living at home, she was married to Tom Dunn at the time. I guess he had a favorite daughter…

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