Shrader update

I’ve been busy working with adoptee lines the last several months and have not been focusing on my own research.
So, yesterday I start poking back at my own dna matches and realize that none of the descendants of Adeline Fox I can find show ‘in-common’ matches to my Shrader known lines.
Did that make sense? I hope so…

Anyway, what that means for us is, the Shrader connections are ancestors of John McCurdy Williamson, not Sarah Fox.
We know the McCurdy line is pretty well documented by other researchers, it’s also a pretty safe guess, based on DNA evidence, that John M is descended then from Daniel Shrader and Patsey Rowsey given that I can trace matches on both of their trees lines. The problem being, I think those two families intertwined quite a bit so I could be wrong..
John M. was born in 1819 we think. Daniel Shrader was born in 1865, we know John M’s mother was a McCurdy, so if it was one of Daniels daughters who was his grandmother on the Williamson side she would have had to have his father by 1785-1800 I would think. Meaning grandma even if she was 15 when Dad was born needed to be born by 1780.. Daniel was only 15 and not married yet and Patsey would only have been 10…

So, I have successfully talked myself out of that train of thought… back to the drawing board.

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