20 December, 2020

Site Changes!

I have finally gotten around to updating the site.  Gave it a facelift, got the forums in place and connected the family tree information. Next steps: […]
24 June, 2020

Shrader update

I’ve been busy working with adoptee lines the last several months and have not been focusing on my own research.So, yesterday I start poking back at […]
4 March, 2020

John McCurdy Williamson’s Will

I’ve had a copy of the will for a while, but had never noticed the division of property until this morning.(Odd grammar and misspellings are the […]
16 January, 2020

DNA & Shraders

I have not been able to pinpoint this one yet, but there are a lot of DNA matches for our little clan the connect to a […]
11 December, 2018

More on DNA tracing

It’s been a while since I’ve updated anything, mostly because it’s been a while since we’ve had any new information to share. Genetically, it’s no longer […]
3 August, 2017

DNA for tracing the trees

Slowly, but surely, we’re able to fill in some blanks in the trees using DNA. John McCurdy Williamson and Sarah Fox had 7 children, Sarah had […]
22 March, 2016

DNA connections..

I use multiple sites to share and find data. http://dna.ancestry.com  for Autosomal DNA http://www.gedmatch.com for Autosomal DNA http://www.familytreedna.com for Autosomal, mtDNA and Y-DNA http://www.yfull.com for Y-DNA […]
23 December, 2015

DNA & Other things

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d update a little. Dear old John M. & Sarah had 7 children together, and Sarah had 2 surviving […]
22 June, 2015

Harriett McCurdy found?

Over 15 years ago, back before the turn of the century even, I posited that our John McCurdy Williamson was the son of who we then […]