Privacy Notice

So many sites have a privacy statement, or notice..  so I almost feel obligated to have one too.

Privacy on the internet is nearly impossible, so while I will try to respect your privacy, and I will do my best to not provide public information on living individuals that is not already publicly available, I cannot guarantee that I won’t miss something.
You, as the reader, must also take some responsibility, if you see something, say something, let me know something needs changed and I will correct it as quickly as possible.

Oh, and as far as GDPR – here’s how this works for me.. GDPR is a European thing.. I am a US resident, and run a site that lives on a server based in the US.
European laws do not apply to me unless I am in Europe someplace.. so don’t expect GDPR to apply here..
If you choose to use this site, then you choose to accept the fact that I am merely human, and crap might happen. If you’re not on board with that, I suggest you go elsewhere.